Parties are a social gathering with friends, relatives, or even acquaintances, in which at times the environment can become boring and one of the best options if it is in a house, is to play video games, which are the passion of many people.

There are multiplayer games, which would be ideal for this type of situations that can be presented, and knowing some of them would be great for you to spend time having fun and playing. So here is a list of the best video games to play at a party:

Rock Band 4

One of the few games that offer to users the opportunity to be part of an imaginary band, in which you can play as a singer, guitarist or drummer, and even the person who does not know how to play the guitar can do it.

With this game you can start the party completely and if you add alcohol everyone will be much more excited.

Rocket League

A game in which cars play soccer. If you are  bored with the typical FIFA and the normal car games but want to play both, this is the perfect game.

Here the cars play soccer on a court, it is divided into two teams of 2 cars, so you can play with your friends at the party and try to encourage the atmosphere.

Mario Kart 8

Classic racing game of the Mario saga, in which you can play with your mates on the consoles of Nintendo and enjoy good moments of tension and fun in the different tracks that you can find in the game. With this one, the party will be lit.

Super Smash Bros

Also of the Mario saga and of all the Nintendo games, in which you will have to fight withcharacters of most of the games of Nintendo. You can play it with your friends and have a good time in the party passing the different levels and unlocking characters.

Jackbox Party Pack

It is a game in which five more games are combined. This was created especially for this type of situations, in which the parties become boring and only cell phones are left, you can download it and  play from 1 to 100 players, all connected online to achieve the goal, that is making people share together.

During the game, you can find different mini-games of words, among other things.

Mario Party 3

One of the best games that can exist for this party situations, is the Mario Party 3, the version created for the WII U.

In this game you can enjoy the fight against your friends on a board game, in which you can perform certain minimizations or mini-games that you can play and so, laugh a lot. The player with the most stars at the end of it wins.

With these 6 games, we assure you that your party will be lit and the guests will spend a fun and entertaining game day.

Browser games are a very useful entertainment tool for people who, in some cases do not have powerful computers to run games that need a large capacity, so this games can serve as distraction, since they only need standard web technologies and a good Internet connection.

These games have been updated to be better over the years, creating high quality pieces and generating an incredible gameplay for players from all around the world, who pay to play some games and to make purchases within games that are free,

which at the same time, helps the creative companies and developers to maintain the games.

One of the best types of games are the shooters, that are an incredible category, in which the user pretends to be an armed man and completes different levels or missions. That is why people love this type of games and request many of them.

For all these positive reasons, here is a top of the best FPS games for the browser:

Contract Wars

It is an interesting shooter, which has the basic characteristics of any of them, it has five game modes, in which you can have fun with 60 customizable weapons and different maps. Although, it becomes paid when you play a lot and you reach very high levels, it doesn’t matter if you only play for fun, but it is necessary to have Unity Web Player.

Rush Team

An online game, very basic with some normal graphics, which are not so flashy but are good  quality, with a great gameplay, a very nice technical development and a tremendous number of players worldwide, so it is a somewhat recognized game. Additionally, it has a game mode called Free for All, which is the most played and includes certain special features but these are unlocked only for VIP users.

Red Crucible: Firestorm

It is a game very similar to those mentioned above, it has a slow gameplay and the same game modes as the previous ones, in the same way, is based on the war and events that occur in it. This game is part of a saga, which according to the fans is one of the worst deliveries, so they have complained a lot about all this and the bad optimizations that it presents.

Warmerise: Red Vs. Blue

Finally, this incredible game, that has an excellent story, which you can play cooperatively with a friend or someone online, making it far more interesting to play, considering that you can enjoy with a partner a good quality game.

These four games are some of the best you can play in the browser, and the greatest options to choose in your free time.

Interact with lots of players around the world playing these new MMORPGs, where you can choose your own character, take advantage of its abilities, and above all, enjoy the game!

SAO’s Legend

This is an action MMORPG that is based on the anime Sword Art Online, The characters are divided into 4 classes such as knight, ranger, priest, and swordsman. One of the most amazing key features of this game is that you can get yourself a pet.

It will help you out in battles, and you can even get married to another player and take part in special events like in the anime.

League of Angels

This is a fantasy-adventure MMORPG, which the main goal is to fight monsters that want to destroy anything, set powerful angels free, and save the land from the darkness. The characters are divided into three classes: warrior, mage, and archer, the characters can be both genders.

Key features are exceptional! There are different ways to strengthen your character and as soon as you level up your character will get stronger abilities.

Life is Feudal

This is a multiplayer online playing game with a medieval setting and full terraforming of the environment, construction, survival elements. Getting started in this game can be a fun and daunting experience.

The game is grim, dangerous, and difficult; it allows you to create anything you want. The server has a high rate of players around the world and they cannot stop playing this game.

Gods Origin Online

This is a browser MMORPG where you can fight like a warrior or a world full of magic, both classes have different abilities to destroy their enemies, the choice is yours, take part in several activities, use your skills like input to target enemies.

The key features are awesome, you can use abilities just using letters of the keyboard, you can recruit deities and help them ascend, get hidden skills, fashion items and more!

Sacred Saga Online

It is an MMORPG developed by Global Genom Corporate, with a fantasy setting and 3D graphics. You can begin your journey as a knight, archer or wizard; all the classes have their own exclusive attacks for their enemies.

Improve your tools, weapons, and abilities for the fight with the gods that want to destroy humanity. The game has several key features as strategic combat, which you can take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses.

Drakensang Online

This is an action MMORPG with a setting based on Blizzard’s Diablo series. One fascinating aspect of the game is that it is accessible on the browser thus requiring no download. Its 3D graphics are impressive and you will not find any issues except when loading a new area.

Eternal Chaos

In this fantasy MMORPG players can go through different kingdoms such as the era of King Arthur, players can create a character with their own abilities and combat specialties. Raise your own beast that will help you in combat.

This game has amazing 3D graphics at a glance, players can battle in co-op mode with an EXP boost.

Now you and your friends can join in a battle in these MMORPG’s, and you will not regret because they are very addictive, most people have given good reviews of these games.

On the web you can find many pages and browsers in which you can have fun and play different games, most of them online, although you can play some offline. Many of these games can be enjoyed together with your friends or any stranger on the internet, what makes them unique.

Some people have come to know each other thanks to this dynamic and have even formed teams or crews for all this. These games do not need any requirement to be played, so anyone can do it without any problem and at any time.

For this reason, here is a list of the best browsers and games that are currently popular and you can play:

Vikings Village: Party Hard

It is a game in which you must fight in an arena against another pixel Vikings around the world, in this game you will find people equally enthusiastic and interested in winning to achieve being the greatest leader and also get awards and names that will make you look like the best Viking.

Blast Arena

It is an incredible online and multiplayer version of the mythical Bomberman game, which was a classic and was played by millions of people around the world.

This game tries to imitate Bomberman gameplay, everything to do honors and for people to be entertained remembering it.

Here, you have to place bombs in certain parts, all this against the clock to prevent other people from reaching the prize before you and being able to be the winner of the game with your friends.


Although it seems like a very simple and very uninteresting game, it is a game in which you are a small ball, and you will eat little by little until you become big and can eat people and reach the top 1.

It is a very addictive game and had a good time, it is currently played even though there are many tricks that people used to win and do not do it legally.


It is a game very similar to the, in which now instead of being a small ball you are a snake that eats little by little until you become big and manage to be in the top of each level.

These games are one of the best browser games you can get on the web and with which you can have fun for a long time with your friends or alone.

Slots are machines visited by people from all over the world, they are generally located in casinos and from the beginning they were machines that caused a sensation in all the people who used to visit those places.

Many companies that create digital games have been developing games that make an exact simulation of the slot machines and how they truly are in real life. All this is done by using 3D graphics, which gives an incredible reality to the whole game.

That is why here on our page, we decided to make a top of the 5 Advantages of 3D Slots Over Online Traditional Slots:

Free Spins

Many real slot machines, usually the majority, do not offer free trial spins to their customers, something that the slot machines in 3D totally do. So people are more attracted to the digital ones because they allow them to try them in a freeway.

Own Election

When playing with the slot machines in 3D, you can choose if you are going to spend real money and win real money, or you can only simulate that you play with money from the game and avoid expenses that you could make without winning anything and losing a large part of what is yours.

Free Initial Deposit

Some pages and applications, allow people to start playing without making any deposit of real money, because the game gives you a stipulated amount for you to play, all this having the opportunity to win real money without risking your own.

Interactive And Realistic Experience

These games offer their users games and halls of casinos perfectly created by computers through programs that allow the user to feel inside a real casino and as if they were playing with real machines.

The animations here, are designed by animators with a lot of experience, so they make it in a very realistic way, all this for the enjoyment of the users. But for best animations and quality of games then is a front-runner in realistic experiences among online slot games.


Many online casinos offer bonuses to their users, so they can feel more attracted and invest more money. They help the person to play more easily and have a lower level of difficulty to win in the machines.

These things make 3D machines and digital casinos have an advantage over real casinos, and these are the reasons why many people prefer to stay at home playing.