7 Browser MMORPGs You Need to Play in 2019

7 Browser MMORPGs You Need to Play in 2019 840x420 - 7 Browser MMORPGs You Need to Play in 2019

Interact with lots of players around the world playing these new MMORPGs, where you can choose your own character, take advantage of its abilities, and above all, enjoy the game!

SAO’s Legend

This is an action MMORPG that is based on the anime Sword Art Online, The characters are divided into 4 classes such as knight, ranger, priest, and swordsman. One of the most amazing key features of this game is that you can get yourself a pet.

It will help you out in battles, and you can even get married to another player and take part in special events like in the anime.

League of Angels

This is a fantasy-adventure MMORPG, which the main goal is to fight monsters that want to destroy anything, set powerful angels free, and save the land from the darkness. The characters are divided into three classes: warrior, mage, and archer, the characters can be both genders.

Key features are exceptional! There are different ways to strengthen your character and as soon as you level up your character will get stronger abilities.

Life is Feudal

This is a multiplayer online playing game with a medieval setting and full terraforming of the environment, construction, survival elements. Getting started in this game can be a fun and daunting experience.

The game is grim, dangerous, and difficult; it allows you to create anything you want. The server has a high rate of players around the world and they cannot stop playing this game.

Gods Origin Online

This is a browser MMORPG where you can fight like a warrior or a world full of magic, both classes have different abilities to destroy their enemies, the choice is yours, take part in several activities, use your skills like input to target enemies.

The key features are awesome, you can use abilities just using letters of the keyboard, you can recruit deities and help them ascend, get hidden skills, fashion items and more!

Sacred Saga Online

It is an MMORPG developed by Global Genom Corporate, with a fantasy setting and 3D graphics. You can begin your journey as a knight, archer or wizard; all the classes have their own exclusive attacks for their enemies.

Improve your tools, weapons, and abilities for the fight with the gods that want to destroy humanity. The game has several key features as strategic combat, which you can take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses.

Drakensang Online

This is an action MMORPG with a setting based on Blizzard’s Diablo series. One fascinating aspect of the game is that it is accessible on the browser thus requiring no download. Its 3D graphics are impressive and you will not find any issues except when loading a new area.

Eternal Chaos

In this fantasy MMORPG players can go through different kingdoms such as the era of King Arthur, players can create a character with their own abilities and combat specialties. Raise your own beast that will help you in combat.

This game has amazing 3D graphics at a glance, players can battle in co-op mode with an EXP boost.

Now you and your friends can join in a battle in these MMORPG’s, and you will not regret because they are very addictive, most people have given good reviews of these games.

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