Welcome to the MercNET Database, Sergeant.

After years of war, governments and countries have crumbled away. The sole remnants of humanity have been confined to the elite megacity of Neotopia and the crowded slums of Sprawl. When a terrorist organization threatens the world’s last remaining water supply, a decorated Sergeant is recruited to command an elite mercenary group to investigate.

Using the state of the art military program, MercNet, the Sergeant will delve deep into a world controlled by corporations to uncover a massive conspiracy and reveal the enemy.

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Neotopia was first conceived in 2091 at the the signing of the Anvil Peace Treaty, formally ending 17 years of global warfare. With Earth's ecosystem and civilizations in shambles, the world's remaining leaders reflected on the mistakes of the early 20th century, fully aware that without immediate intervention, humankind would quickly disappear into the growing wastelands.

Their solution was the creation of Neotopia - a massive city dedicated to the research and development of life-sustaining technologies. What little power and resources remained in the hands of government was passed to hundreds of eager start-ups, ready to innovate.

Powerful rivers flowing through city gave the fledgling enterprises the energy they needed to expand operations and build the infrastructure humanity needed to survive. With each passing year, Neotopia’s citizens became more dependent on the developing companies to provide basic needs.

An overcrowded mass of polluted canals, alleys, and crumbling concrete, the slums of Sprawl stretch hundreds of miles wide, from the edge of the Badlands to the walls of Neotopia. Comprised of hundreds of millions of refugees displaced by years of war, the populace has managed to eke out a living, putting whatever resources they can find to work.

Living conditions in the slums have improved slightly in recent years thanks to the signing Hydro Accords. With Neotopia’s corporations now permitted to harness Sprawl’s rivers for hydroelectric power, the area has been granted access to a steady supply of energy for the first time in its history.

Though technically not part of the Badlands, Sprawl has been built upon the crumbled remains of the Old World. Fortunately for the population, the area is not radioactive, although residents living near the outskirts report losing their hair at a young age.

The toxic Badlands stretch over 98% of the globe - a product of years of global nuclear war. Ravaged by radiation and poisonous gases, the area holds little in the way of life, although cockroaches, rats and, surprisingly, tortoises have been sighted by research teams.

What does remain in the Badlands is the Old World. Beneath ash, sand and concrete are the remnants of once great cities and technologies. The discovery of processed metals and minerals lurking just below the surface of the Badlands has prompted Neotopia’s corporations to open up mining operations in recent years. Drilling facilities have been established just outside of Sprawl, with miners from the slums being used to search for new resources.