Favorite Online Video Games of 3-Year-Olds

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There’s no need to sift through dozens of websites for video games that your 3-year-old can play, pay a monthly subscription price, or buy DVD copies that may be too challenging for them anyhow when there are so many possibilities available for free online.

First, a few gaming pointers:

Playing games with your child is a great way to spend time together. The most effective approach for youngsters to learn is through live involvement. Sit with your youngster when he is playing video games. Use a booster chair if your child is too big to sit with you. This will help him finish any games that are a little more challenging. After that, you can play online with your youngster once they’ve had their fill.

With video games, as in any experience, repetition is essential. He will have more opportunities to learn about a new subject the more it is discussed. Many counting games are examples of video games that teach your child via repetition. The computer narrator will most likely be counting, but it’s best to count along with the game because your youngster is more tuned into your voice. After all, he hears it all the time. You don’t want to leave a three-year-old in front of the computer while you shower, only to return to find he’s opened ten browser windows and clicked on things you didn’t expect.

Keep it short and sweet. Don’t feel pressured to keep playing video games if you get weary of them. Your youngster will most likely sense your dissatisfaction with the fun and believe that they are. If your children become discouraged or refuse to obey your directions, turn off the computer. Even interactive online video games aren’t as effective at teaching kids as one-on-one interaction, so limit gaming to an hour each day.

Make use of the most up-to-date technology. Touchpads and screens are easier for small hands to navigate than a traditional computer mouse. Young children feel more empowered since they can play more video games independently. They improve their hand-eye coordination and get a head start on learning how to handle the computer tools they’ll encounter once they begin school.

Make a decision based on your gut instincts. Because computers and video games are entertainment, we get to choose what and who will entertain us online. Be conscious of video game material and pay attention to how a child acts before, during, and after playing various games.

These online video game sites might be fun for you and your 3-year-old:

Your 3-year-old can play along with some of his favorite characters from television and movies with these age-appropriate games. With so many games to choose from, a 3-year-old child’s favorite games are the same ones he enjoys watching on television. My 3-year-old loves the Jake and the Never Land Pirates animation, but the games are too challenging for him.

At first, the well-known characters Dora and Diego drew my three-year-old to these games. After barely a few minutes, he walks away from the computer and orders me to finish the games. They are an excellent way to track how far his abilities have grown because each time we return to them, he can move further.

Because the reading program is hardly disguised as a video game, you’ll feel safe letting your 3-year-old play at this free online resource. Starfall is a great jumping-off point for young children just learning to read. There are also printable pages to go along with the online activities, but there is a cost even with all of the free stuff if you want all of the lessons.

PBS Kids offers a fantastic online video game experience for kids, albeit one that is a little too simple and lacks the larger resources of some of the other networks. Your 3-year-old will love playing with all of their favorite television characters once again. Here you’ll find Curious George, Elmo, the Cat in the Hat, and many other surfaces.

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