The 6 Best Games to Play at Parties

The 6 Best Games to Play at Parties 840x420 - The 6 Best Games to Play at Parties

Parties are a social gathering with friends, relatives, or even acquaintances, in which at times the environment can become boring and one of the best options if it is in a house, is to play video games, which are the passion of many people.

There are multiplayer games, which would be ideal for this type of situations that can be presented, and knowing some of them would be great for you to spend time having fun and playing. So here is a list of the best video games to play at a party:

Rock Band 4

One of the few games that offer to users the opportunity to be part of an imaginary band, in which you can play as a singer, guitarist or drummer, and even the person who does not know how to play the guitar can do it.

With this game you can start the party completely and if you add alcohol everyone will be much more excited.

Rocket League

A game in which cars play soccer. If you are  bored with the typical FIFA and the normal car games but want to play both, this is the perfect game.

Here the cars play soccer on a court, it is divided into two teams of 2 cars, so you can play with your friends at the party and try to encourage the atmosphere.

Mario Kart 8

Classic racing game of the Mario saga, in which you can play with your mates on the consoles of Nintendo and enjoy good moments of tension and fun in the different tracks that you can find in the game. With this one, the party will be lit.

Super Smash Bros

Also of the Mario saga and of all the Nintendo games, in which you will have to fight withcharacters of most of the games of Nintendo. You can play it with your friends and have a good time in the party passing the different levels and unlocking characters.

Jackbox Party Pack

It is a game in which five more games are combined. This was created especially for this type of situations, in which the parties become boring and only cell phones are left, you can download it and  play from 1 to 100 players, all connected online to achieve the goal, that is making people share together.

During the game, you can find different mini-games of words, among other things.

Mario Party 3

One of the best games that can exist for this party situations, is the Mario Party 3, the version created for the WII U.

In this game you can enjoy the fight against your friends on a board game, in which you can perform certain minimizations or mini-games that you can play and so, laugh a lot. The player with the most stars at the end of it wins.

With these 6 games, we assure you that your party will be lit and the guests will spend a fun and entertaining game day.

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