4 Browser First Person Shooters to Play in 2018

4 Browser First Person Shooters to Play in 2018 840x420 - 4 Browser First Person Shooters to Play in 2018

Browser games are a very useful entertainment tool for people who, in some cases do not have powerful computers to run games that need a large capacity, so this games can serve as distraction, since they only need standard web technologies and a good Internet connection.

These games have been updated to be better over the years, creating high quality pieces and generating an incredible gameplay for players from all around the world, who pay to play some games and to make purchases within games that are free,

which at the same time, helps the creative companies and developers to maintain the games.

One of the best types of games are the shooters, that are an incredible category, in which the user pretends to be an armed man and completes different levels or missions. That is why people love this type of games and request many of them.

For all these positive reasons, here is a top of the best FPS games for the browser:

Contract Wars

It is an interesting shooter, which has the basic characteristics of any of them, it has five game modes, in which you can have fun with 60 customizable weapons and different maps. Although, it becomes paid when you play a lot and you reach very high levels, it doesn’t matter if you only play for fun, but it is necessary to have Unity Web Player.

Rush Team

An online game, very basic with some normal graphics, which are not so flashy but are good  quality, with a great gameplay, a very nice technical development and a tremendous number of players worldwide, so it is a somewhat recognized game. Additionally, it has a game mode called Free for All, which is the most played and includes certain special features but these are unlocked only for VIP users.

Red Crucible: Firestorm

It is a game very similar to those mentioned above, it has a slow gameplay and the same game modes as the previous ones, in the same way, is based on the war and events that occur in it. This game is part of a saga, which according to the fans is one of the worst deliveries, so they have complained a lot about all this and the bad optimizations that it presents.

Warmerise: Red Vs. Blue

Finally, this incredible game, that has an excellent story, which you can play cooperatively with a friend or someone online, making it far more interesting to play, considering that you can enjoy with a partner a good quality game.

These four games are some of the best you can play in the browser, and the greatest options to choose in your free time.

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