The Most Anticipated Release Dates for Mobile Games

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2019 saw the arrival of the Wii U handheld integration, an iPad Mini, new Kindle Fire devices, and a slew of new smartphones, including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III. In terms of technology trends and innovation, more handheld/mobile devices and applications are becoming the standard. You can now seamlessly play online with portable consoles, and gaming is no different. Let’s peek at what mobile gaming will be like in 2020.

I want to offer a small disclaimer before starting the main event. Independent and major games, first-time and seasoned producers, and Android and iOS platforms are all represented on this anticipated game list. With that said, this list should satisfy every gamer’s personal preferences and style.


Team Meat, the indie creators of Super Meat Boy, are hard at work on a new project. Mew-Genetics is the name given to it. Every week, Team Meet has revealed details about the game, like bread crumbs from Hansel and Gretel, teasers, and bits of knowledge to their followers. A few days ago, the 11th teaser was issued. Mew-Genetics, according to a list of all 11 bullies, lets you do the following strange and crazy things:

Make money as a pageant mother. Mr. Tinkles sponsored the annual Boon County Cat Pageant. Interact with characters such as Mr. Tinkles, Dr. Beanies, Tracy, and Butch. Hundreds of thousands of CATS are on display! A Trinket Display Case with Trinkets Multi-platform has been recorded with twenty songs. Cryo-Cube 5000 — the perfect way to keep pets frozen! There will be more in the future.


Badland is the brainchild of Frogmind, two Finnish developers that worked on the hugely successful XBLA title Trials Evolution. They improved and now have an iOS game that is both artistic and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a side-scrolling action-adventure set in a haunting environment. One of the primary protagonists is a fluffy hedgehog-like creature, and the atmosphere is a silhouetted woodland abounding with traps and other horrors. The gameplay is affected by four different time changes, 12 various power-ups, character cloning, and other factors. Many people have compared Badland’s graphic style to Limbo’s, and if the two games are genuinely that similar, Badland is in for a big year.

Ubisoft has released Assassin’s Creed: Utopia, a video game.

With Assassin’s Creed III slated for release in late 2019, one would ask if the gaming community is prepared for yet another Assassin’s Creed game so soon. There will undoubtedly be fighting, assassination, and covert robbery, which will give ample entertainment. On the other hand, Assassin’s Creed: Utopia is an iOS and Android game with a Winter 2020 release date with gameplay that is quite different from the other Assassin’s Creed games. Utopia is primarily concerned with developing a “Utopian colonial city.” This is the first game to feature simulation-style gameplay, so expect a pleasant surprise. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

The Halfling Wars are a series of battles amongst halflings.

Now for a brand-new, mostly unknown treasure currently in development and available on Kickstarter. Halfling Wars is the long-awaited sequel to ChondroStrike, an indie gaming studio formed by two brothers. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and other great simulation/building/farming games inspired the game. It still has its own unique story, fantastical characters and monsters, and a variety of gaming aspects. You can build a hamlet and realm as either character, gather crops, raise/breed animals, conquer local foes, battle your monster against a friend’s creature, place bets on battles, accomplish quests, play mini-games, and more. You can choose your allegiance at the start: Halfling, Darkling, or both.

Infinity Blade and Dungeons

The first two Infinity Blade iOS series iterations were extremely profitable and amazing games. Epic Games and Chair Entertainment, developers of the Unreal Engine games for mobile devices, collaborated on them. Dungeons, the third installment, will be available soon. The game’s gameplay appears to have been drastically altered, with a brand-new top-down view akin to Diablo and other similar titles. Though the battle mechanics will continue, more exploration and a larger region will be available.


Fallstreak Studio was founded by recent Chapman University graduates and the Obsidian Entertainment team members to work on their first game, Axle. The game debuted at the IEEE Games Intercollegiate Showcase, where it was awarded first place and successfully funded on Kickstarter. Compared to Double Fine Adventure’s $3 million Kickstarter effort, The Axle is a modestly unknown game. To stay alive and find the necessary repairs, you play as Axle, a gear that must “learn the twisting, turning, perilous world of machines.” It’s a lighter game than the others on this list, but it’s still suitable for people of all ages.

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