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We are a page created more than 8 years ago with the intention of informing and letting people know about the best games that can be played on your browser, which can give you a lot of fun that you can access easily. Thanks to that idea was born Playmerc, the best informative page about the world of games.

On this page we are always attentive to everything related to the world of video games, all the new updates and everything out of the ordinary, with this we can help our readers to have a good time in front of the computer having fun.

Our creator Braydon Shields had the wonderful idea of ​​creating a page to meet the characteristics ours does, keeping the same theme in everything we do. We are the browser games and we take care of everything related to them.

We study the plots, stories, graphics, gameplay, loading time, pages in which it is available, tricks that you can do in the game to obtain certain benefits or aids, secret or hidden places, and more.

In addition to all the above we offer our readers many other things, among which are recommendations of games, reviews, objects that you can buy, always giving the best for our readers so that they continue to enjoy our page and keep finding more ways to enjoy their favorite browser games as well as discovering new ones that they may have missed.

Browser games were one of the first of its kind to exist, in them you can play quietly without any problem and without having to download any file on your computer, so in some cases if your computer is not good but you have a good internet connection, you can play.

With the passage of time browser games evolved and improved their quality, making them very fun and increasingly better created and with better history to develop, to generate more fun in the users who play it.

We, as a company and web page, recommend our users that when playing a browser game they do not use tricks so they can live the greatest experience and can enjoy the game and all its stages, you should only use tricks in stages or levels that it is impossible for you to pass.

Our group of employees is always attentive to the recommendations they make and to the problems that may arise, so if you have any, do not hesitate and contact us through the contact section available in our page.